The Evolution of Refreshments at an Atlanta Golf Tournament

It all started in Atlanta in the mid 2000’s when during the member/guest golf tournament, someone (Phil P.) set out a bottle of vodka and Bloody Mary mix, to let golfers make their own drink as they passed by throughout the day. Because this was on the ‘front 9’, Luther Brown, CEO of IQ, decided this luxury was also needed on the ‘back 9’ as the entire tournament was a shot-gun start and many golfers weren’t able to make their drink until late in the day, if at all.

The Rusty Putter

Transforming One Cooler into Endless Refreshments and Friendship

So, a cooler of ice, water, cups and some bottles were setup on the tee box of hole 14. And although the concept was Bloody Mary’s in the morning, it didn’t stay that way for long.

One cooler and a bottle of vodka transformed into coolers of ice, soda, beer, water and bottles of nearly any beverage you would like, along with just about any mixer you can imagine. And as every year went by, the offerings continued to grow, until it was decided that while the party should always celebrate what golf offers; competition, sportsmanship and most importantly friendship, it shouldn’t be isolated to just one weekend per year, and thus the Rusty Putter was born.

As a lifelong fan of both Payne Stewart’s play and style,

Luther Brown is no stranger to being one of the more stylish individuals on the golf course. It’s this sense of style, combined with the desire to entertain and make people smile that was impetus to imagining, designing and ultimately building the very first Rusty Putter at Olde 14.

The Rusty Putter

Where Golfers and Non-Golfers Unite for Fun and Friendship

The original Rusty Putter became the gathering place for golfers and non-golfers alike, regardless of whether it was a tournament weekend or not. On any given day, you could find a diverse group of people gathered around the bar at the Rusty Putter discussing golf, life and every now and then, who was the best dressed on the course.

Experience the Rusty Putter Difference

Elevate Your Golf Wardrobe Today!

As the years have gone by, a new and improved Rusty Putter has been built, but the premise behind it has remained the same…Golf, good times and comraderie…And that is why the Rusty Putter Golf Line was developed! Many of the people that come to the Rusty Putter don’t know where Luther gets his high quality, comfortable and stylish golf apparel…So he decided, if it’s that hard to find, I’ll make it! And that’s exactly what we have done. By partnering with reputable manufacturers across the globe and listening to the golfing community, we are bringing the Rusty Putter vibe to golfers all over the world! We hope you enjoy our products and get that same feeling as everyone else does when they sit down at the bar at the Rusty Putter to a cold beer after a long hot day on the course. Enjoy!